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    • 产品品牌   金纬机械
    • 产品型号   JWELL-2021
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    ASA 薄膜是用聚氯乙烯、聚乙烯、聚丙烯、聚苯乙烯以及其他树脂制成的薄膜,用于包装, 以及用作覆膜层。塑料包装及塑料包装产品在市场上所占的份额越来越大,特别是复合塑料软包装及建材表面包覆已经广泛应用。

    The ASA film is made of PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins, used for packaging and for laminating.Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products are becoming more and more popular in the market, especially the composite plastic soft packaging and surface coating of building materials.

    优点:ASA 薄膜因其具有突出的抗老化性能,在屋面瓦领域应用广泛,在屋面瓦加工的同时,可以实现在线热复合,复合厚度均匀,无色差,粘结强度高,克服了传统的共挤ASA 复合存在的色差问题,也节约了原料成本。
    ASA 表面的加工厚度范围:0.05-0.2mm,宽度1500mm,厚度均匀,尺寸稳定。

    Advantage: Because of its outstanding anti-aging property, ASA film is widely used in roof tile field. In the process of roofing tile, it can achieve on-line thermal composite, with uniform thickness, no color difference and high bond strength. It overcomes the color difference of traditional coextrusion ASA composite, and also deals with the cost of raw materials.The thickness of the ASA surface is 0.05-0.2mm, width 1500mm, uniform thickness and stable dimension.